A high-grade electro-fused black silicon carbide manufactured by the fusion of petroleum coke and silica sand.

One of the toughest and most aggressive products in the synthetic mineral ranges for use in a myriad of applications from general blasting and surface finishing of non-aero components, anti slip flooring, vibratory finishing medias, safe manufacture, coated & bonded abrasives and polishing compounds.

Noted for its high thermal stability and wear properties this material is used extensively in refractories, bonded and coated abrasives and precision surface finishing as well as extensively in the safety flooring sector.

Black Silicon Carbide is unique because of its excellent abrasive properties. Grains can be utilised in a variety of applications e.g. sintered into a range of technical ceramics; the grains are used extensively for photovoltaic applications, chemical filters, refractories and bonded or coated abrasives.


Abrasive Type



3.2 g/cm³

Bulk Density

1.7 g/cm³


9 Mohs





Dust Levels





BSC280 ~ 0.036 mm
BSC220 0.053 – 0.074 mm
BSC180 0.062 – 0.074 mm
BSC150 0.074 – 0.105 mm
BSC120 0.105 – 0.125 mm
BSC100 0.125 – 0.149 mm
BSC90 0.149 – 0.177 mm
BSC80 0.177 – 0.21 mm
BSC70 0.21 – 0.25 mm
BSC60 0.25 – 0.297 mm
BSC54 0.297 – 0.35 mm
BSC46 0.35 – 0.42 mm
BSC36 0.50 – 0.59 mm
BSC30 0.59 – 0.71 mm
BSC24 0.71 – 0.84 mm
BSC20 1.00 – 1.19 mm
BSC16 1.19 – 1.41 mm
BSC14 1.41 – 1.68 mm
BSC12 1.68 – 2.00 mm


Aerospace Castings
Anti Slip Floors / Safety Flooring
Anti Slip Resins and Paints
Bonded and Coated Abrasives
Castings and Forgings
Diffused and Plasma Coatings
Electronic and Semi Conductor Industry
Lapping and Polishing/Lapidary/Optical
Metals: Aerospace approval
Metals: Cleaning without dimensional change
Metals: Flash removal
Metals: Keying surfaces for rubber/plastic bonding
Metals: Light deburring
Metals: Peening
Metals: Removal of hard deposits/investment
Metals: Matt or textured finish
Metals: Mould die and tool cleaning
Metals: Preconditioning and cleaning
Metals: Preparation for paint metal or plastic spraying
Metals: Preparation for enamelling/electroplating/anodising
Metals: Removal of paint/scale/rust
Metals: Removal of solder/weld/flex
Metals: Sheen finishing or anti-reflective treatment
Refractories and Furnace Linings
Surface Finishing
Surface Preparation