Abrasive Type Recyclability Dust Friability Summary
Calcium Carbonate Expendable None Very High Very High

Fine carboniferous limestone granules having an off white colour. The product is crushed and screened several times, then air classified to produce a material of high purity with a controlled level of fines. It is dried to give a very low moisture content .

Calcium Silicate Expendable None High High

A light coloured calcium silicate synthetic mineral abrasive.

Garnet Expendable Very Low Medium/High High

Rock or River Garnet of Almandine / Almandite group

JBlast Expendable None High High

JBlast is produced from mineral slags which are the by-product of furnace operations.

Stonegrit Expendable None High High

A blended material combining both mineral slags and synthetic material to create a specialist abrasive product.