Abrasive Type Recyclability Dust Friability Summary
Bauxite Specialist N/A N/A N/A

A high-grade calcined material produced in a rotary kiln providing a premium, highly durable abrasive product. Available in both grey and buff.

Black Silicon Carbide Specialist Medium Low Medium

A high-grade electro-fused black silicon carbide manufactured by the fusion of petroleum coke and silica sand.

Emery Specialist Medium Medium Medium

A naturally formed, mid to high quality, hard material screened and graded to be used in different sectors.

Nyflash Specialist Medium Low Low

Extruded Thermoplastic Nylon / Polyamide Deflashing Media

Polyflash Specialist Medium Low Low

Extruded Thermoplastic Polycarbonate Deflashing Media

Sinterball Specialist Medium Low Medium

Sintered spheres of Alpha Alumina, originally designed as a media for opening oil wells, this product has established itself as a long-life alumina product of particular use in the monumental masonry trade.

Sodium Bicarbonate Specialist None High High

A soluble, light-weight, soft material commonly used on surface finishing applications where little or no profile is required to the surface.

Walnut Shell Specialist Medium Low Medium

Crushed and graded walnut shells