Abrasive Recovery Systems

Abrasive recovery systems to help you work in a safe environment when blasting. A range of solutions available to meet your needs.

At Hodge Clemco we offer various solutions to media cleaning and recovery.

Our IND200P is a simple and low cost efficient solution. to media recovery. It has a hopper sunk into the blast room floor, an abrasive silo and a vacuum producing unit.

The bucket and elevator system is a heavy duty grit recycling unit. This is coupled with an abrasive separator to continuously remove large amounts of contaminates.

The scraper floor unit is designed to recover spent media and contamination back to a bucker elevator or an IND200P.

Our screw recovery systems consists of heavy duty helical steel flights that are welded onto an oversized tube. This is fitted in a purpose designed trough.

Gravity feed recovery solutions are used with both our vacuum and mechanical grit units. These are suitable for all media types.

The Munkebo abrasive vacuum recovery system is electrically powered and designed to reduce the retrieval of abrasive and also site cleaning costs.



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