The Hodge Vac includes all the tools and fittings you need to convert any Hodge Clemco standard blast machine to a closed circuit abrasive recovery dustless blasting system within seconds. Closed circuit blasting uses a combined blast and vacuum head which allows the operator to blast without the need to encapsulate the area or wear the PPE normally used for blasting.

All pressure blast machines manufactured by Hodge Clemco can be adapted to use a closed circuit blast head. Our Aquagrit WDOS (dry), 1028NC and 1440NC blast machines are ideally suited due to their portability.

The key to an efficient closed circuit system is the vacuum unit used. The Hodge Vac uses a purpose designed jet system which is pneumatically driven and also available to ATEX standards and HEPA filtered as options. The Hodge Vac silo has the same abrasive capacity as a 2040NC blast machine.

Operating on a recover to waste principle, this makes it effective and portable and the ideal tool for spot repair work where encapsulation is expensive or ineffective. All recovered waste is discharged into a waste bag, which can be sealed and removed minimising the exposure to the operator from contaminated waste.