Portable Munkebo Systems


Portable Munkebo  systems are abrasive vacuum recovery systems. They are electrically powered and designed to substantially reduce abrasive retrieval and site cleaning costs.

The units are driven by a high powered induction electric motor coupled to a heavy duty vacuum pump.

The cyclone filter section is fitted with safety relief valve. It is an automatically sequenced reverse pulse jet filter system. Only clean air is vented to the atmosphere. The separated dust is accumulated in the waste bin for easy removal.


Various sizes of Munkebo systems are available to suit site conditions, abrasive types and different recovery rates.

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At Hodge Clemco we stock a wide range of abrasives for use in blasting. More information on the types of abrasives we have can be found on our abrasives page or in our abrasives brochure.


At Hodge Clemco we have abrasive manufacturing and warehouse facilities located in Dinnington, South Yorkshire, UK.

Our abrasives stocks include Chilled Iron and Steel Grit. JBlastSteel Shot, Stainless Steel (shot & grit). Brownpink & white alumina. Gglass beadplastic abrasives, silicon carbides.  Walnut shellsgarnetsponge and specialist blends. Contact our sales team for further help and information. For your choice of abrasive correct for your requirements.