Hodge Clemco manufactures a range of “non-powered” cyclones for use with our cabinets. A cyclone offers a further stage of cleaning prior to our powered and filtered dust extraction unit. Cyclonic cleaning is beneficial on dusty applications which are prone to clogging traditional dry dust filters. The life of traditional filters is also extended with the addition of a cyclone unit.

Nozzle Bracket & Basket

Nozzle brackets are an ideal upgrade to any blast cabinet. Our universal brackets allow the operator two handed manipulation of parts directly in front of the nozzle. This is useful on small, difficult to handle parts or on high production applications. Our brackets also reduce operator fatigue. They are universal in design which allows the nozzle to be positioned at any angle and location inside the enclosure.

Track & Turntable (Powered or Manual)

Loading heavy and awkward parts into a cabinet can be difficult. Our cabinets are fitted with large access doors which make them ideal for loading via a bogie and track mechanism. Any part can be loaded onto the purpose designed bogie via an overhead crane or fork truck. The bogie is then manually pushed into the enclosure. Manipulation whilst inside the cabinet can be further aided with the use of a turntable assembly. A range of sizes and capacities is available.

Tilting turntable

Blast Machines

Our range of pressure cabinets are offered with two styles of pressure machine, differing in abrasive holding capacity and blasting performance. The machine capacity governs how long you can blast for before depressurising the unit. The smallest standard XL machine is our 1028NC unit which is suited smaller scale production environments. This machine is best suited for small grits and glass bead applications and is normally supplied with a 1/2 inch bore hose. The 1440NC machine is fitted to our high end XM production machines and offers optimum performance and the option of using larger venturi blast nozzles for increased throughput.