Specialist Blast Machines


At Hodge Clemco we are experts in blasting and provide a range of specialist blast machines. Hodge Clemco have been market leaders in the industry since 1959. We specialise in the supply and manufacture of abrasive blast machines and surface treatment equipment.


These include;


Soft clean blast machines – developed specifically to meet the needs of the stone cleaning industry where very careful control is required.


Automated blast machines – these machines use twin blast chambers allows the vessels to operate continuously,

due to thee control system cycles between the upper and lower chamber allowing uninterrupted grit flow.


Power injection guns – Designed for use without a pressure vessel, this unit lifts abrasive directly from the bag.


Bulk  blasting machines – “The Big Clem” are our range of bulk blasting machines. The Bulk blasting vessels are a great addition to any site production application.


Mini outlet blast machines – These are perfect for when more than one operator is required for a machine.


To order a blast machine or to speak with someone about your requirements please contact a member of our sales team.

You can also view our product catalogue .

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We also have our own range of standard blast machines. These start with the smallest 1028 machine right through to the largest 2452 machine.


If you are in need of more space we also manufacture large containerised blast rooms.