Panelled rooms are designed to be modular and offer the flexibility of being available in a range of sizes. These blast rooms are designed for internal location and are manufactured from heavy gauge steel plates with an external structural frame. The smooth internal surfaces allow for easy cleaning and efficient grit recovery. The internal faces of the room are lined with hard wearing shot blast quality rubber and the blast room doors are of double skin construction mounted on to robust container hinges which ensure the doors operate smoothly and effectively.


  • Flexible sizing options
  • Cost-effective design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Efficient abrasive recovery
  • Traditional construction


  • Abrasive blasting of large items
  • Surface Preparation
  • Peening
  • Coating Removal
  • Plastic Media Stripping



Sweep-in with abrasive recovery by vacuum system (IND200P) (animation)

Sweep-in with abrasive recovery by manual sweep & bucket elevator (animation)

Sweep-in with abrasive recovery by scraper floor & bucket elevator (animation)