Blast Nozzles

Hodge Clemco manufactures a comprehensive range of blast nozzles. These include parallel bore, venturi, double venturi, side outlet and water injection nozzles. We have a nozzle to suit every application. Our nozzle designs come in a range of material types. As a general rule the harder the abrasive, the harder the material type used in the blast nozzle.

Nozzle Selection Guide

Nozzle Selection Chart
Venturi Nozzles in ascending order of hardness
Bore Size 1/8″ 3/16″ 1/4″ 5/16″ 3/8″ 7/16″ 1/2″ Thread Type
(3mm) (5mm) (6.5mm) (8mm) (9.5mm) (11mm) (12.5mm)
Length (45mm) (102mm) (130mm) (140mm) (165mm) (197mm) (222mm)
Boron Alloy
Boron Alloy (Side outlet) CBSD51 Flanged
Tungsten Carbide tungstencarbide-150x150 CTSD350 CTSD450 CTSDX550 CTSDX650 CTSDX750 CTSDX850 50mm
Silicon Carbide ClemLite_0047 SMR3 SMS4 SMS5 SXS6 SXS7 SXS8 50mm
Syclone (SY) syclone-150x150 SY32450 SY32550 SY32650 SY32750 SY32850 50mm
Boron Carbide CSD5B CSD3B CSD4B CSD5B CSDX6B CSDX8B 50mm
Straight Bore Nozzles in ascending order of hardness
Length (76mm) (76mm) (76mm) (76mm) (76mm) (76mm)
Tungsten Carbide CTJD550 CTJD350 CTJD450 CTJD550 CTJD650 CTJD750 CTJD850 50mm
Tungsten Carbide (Side Outlet) CAM5150 CAM *3350 CAM *4250 CAM *5150/5250 CAM *6150/6250 50mm
Length (43mm) (43mm) (43mm) (43mm) (43mm)
Tungsten Carbide CT5L CT2L CT3L CT4L CT5L CT6L CT8L 25mm
Boron Carbide CT5L CB2L CB3L CB4L CB5L CB6L CB8L 25mm
*Second digit refers to number of outlets e.g. 4250 is 2 no. x 1/4″(6.5mm)

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