Deadman Lines

Colour coded airlines are essential components for safe blasting systems and provide easier identification of lines carrying air for deadman operation and abrasive control.

HOSE7C 1/4″ x 34ft(10m) Blue
HOSE7CR 1/4″ x 34ft(10m) Red
HOSE7CY 1/4″ x 34ft(10m) Yellow
HOSE7D 1/4″ x 68ft(20m) Blue
HOSEDR 1/4″ x 68ft(20m) Red
HOSE7DY 1/4″ x 68ft(20m) Yellow


This valve is an air saving version of the RM21A. The air circuit is normally closed and is only activated when the handle is depressed.

RM2000 deadman handle

RM2000 deadman handle


“The blasters favourite”, widely used throughout the industry. This safety trigger is recognised as the best for site blasting conditions.


The RCAMV6 Deadman Handle is specifically for use with pneumatic abrasive metering valves. The RM88 Slide valve kit enables the operator to switch abrasive on and off at the nozzle for blow-down or wash-down purposes.

RCAMV6 Deadman Handle