Wet Blast Pump

Husky Pump (D32255)
Converts any dry blast machine to wet blast. Our Husky Pump is a reliable air driven diaphragm pump, giving consistent and low maintenance operation. The pump inlet can take water from a container via the suction hose and feeds this through to the wet blast attachment under pressure.

Water Injection Nozzle

WIN nozzles are used in conjunction with a Husky Pump for atomised water vapour blasting. Our WIN nozzles allow water to enter the airstream at the nozzle exit. The water flow can be regulated very accurately by the adjustment tap, from a constant stream to a fine vapour. This minimises the amount of water needed to capture the airborne dust. Nozzles available in ¼”, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″ and ½” bore sizes.

Wet Blast Head

Our wet blast heads are designed to convert standard nozzle holders into a wet blast attachment. Our low cost WB1 head clamps to the outside of the nozzle and takes water from mains pressure. For higher pressures and greater control, our KB925 head can be operated in conjunction with a Husky Pump and is ideal for working at low pressure on applications such as stonework renovation.