Pipe Tools

Hodge Clemco pipe cleaning tools are designed to blast clean the interior of pipes, tubes, flues, etc, removing stubborn milscale, rust, carbon, coke, paint, etc.

The cleaning action leaves the surface free from dust, abrasive and contaminants ready for the application of long life coating systems.

Hodge Clemco’s cleaning tools are suitable for both new and existing installation with complete 360° coverage without the need to rotate the component.

Tools simply couple via a blast hose to a suitable blast cleaning machine and are designed for one man operation.


Our Holloblast products can be used to blast the inside of pipes. They come in a variety of sizes.

Holloblast HB 1A with HBC 2

Holloblast – HB 1A

Holloblast HB 1A with HBC 1

Holloblast Junior – JHB1

We also stock the Spinblast  – SB636


Our pipe cleaning tools can be used with our range of blast machines. We manufacture a series of blast machines starting with the smallest 1028 right through to the 2452. We also stock specialist blast machines.


At Hodge Clemco we stock blast hose and blast nozzles to fit a selection of blast machines.


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