Coating Application

Coating Application – At Hodge Clemco we supply a range of coating equipment for all you needs. Including machinery, spares and PPE.


We stock

  • Pneumatic Airless
  • Petrol Airless
  • Electric Airless
  • Conventional
  • Tips, guns, hoses and accessories
  • PPE

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At Hodge Clemco we stock a range of pneumatic airless machines.

These include the Graco KingGraco Merkur and MBO Airless.


Graco gas/petrol airless sprayers have long been the choice of professional contractors who need jobsite portability and highest production rates. These industry-proven sprayers deliver more power and are ideal for contractors who routinely handle heavier, thicker coatings.


At Hodge Clemco we stock a range of Electric Airless sprayers.

These include


Conventional spray guns combine both performance and comfort. Ergonomically designed for better handling they have soft controlled and  adjustable spray patterns.

There are different model options including gravity feed, pressure feed and siphon feed.

We also stock PPE for use with spray equipment.


Tips. Guns. Hoses & Accessories – At Hodge Clemco we supply a wide variety of parts and spares for spray equipment.

  • We stock a variety of tips for all different spray needs.
  • We have a selection of airless spray guns.
  • Replacement hoses
  • Easy Out Gun Filters
  • Fluid manifold filters
  • Inlet strainers

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