Combine both Performance and Comfort

Ergonomically designed for superior handling, the AirPro™ guns have a soft, controlled and adjustable spray pattern.


  • Even materials distribution through the spray pattern for optimum coverage
  • Improved transfer efficiency through reduced air consumption
  • Reduced spray turbulence due to uniform air flow
  • Enhanced atomization through material specific air caps
  • New air caps in three air spray technologies to fit the needs of your environment
  • Two piece needle with replaceable tip reduces operating costs
  • Quick turn retaining ring which captures air cap upon disassembly
  • Long life needle packing for reduced downtime
  • Ultra-light trigger pull reduces muscle stress
  • Inlet pressure adjustment (cheater) valve increases spraying flexibility
  • Air flow consumption designed to meet environmental compliance
  • Uniform air flow for reduced turbulence
  • Ergonomic knobs provide excellent operator comfort
  • Lighter weight (410 grams) than other guns in its category


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Pressure Feed

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