Electric Airless

At Hodge Clemco we stock a range of Electric Airless sprayers.

These include

The TexSpray Mark V delivers a higher flow rate to complete jobs more quickly. Providing 20% more productivity than the Mark IV, this unit comes with an upgraded Heavy-Duty Texture Gun that can accommodate a larger tip size to handle all texture finishes and the wide range of primers and paint.

Electric powered airless sprayers.

Spray paints and primers, heavy coatings or decorative texture finishes with one machine

  • Different models and series available for different jobs and applications
  • High-performance in a convenient, portable package; get more work done quickly, saving you time and money
  • Backed by full warranty coverage


The electric solution for spraying protective coatings.

The Graco e-Xtreme Electric Airless Sprayer is the world’s first electric sprayer for protective coatings approved for hazardous locations. The e-Xtreme sprayer operates on a more reliable, convenient and available electric power source, which rectifies job site inefficiencies associated with compressors. Furthermore, electric technology reduces pulsation and prevents motor icing, making your jobs run smoother every single time.

Airlessco  LP Series sprayers feature tough, compact, well-balanced frames, protecting the pump and making it easy to transport. The pump is the core of any airless sprayer, and these are built with Airlessco’s new Pro-Duty Quick Repair Pump with externally adjustable packings that keeps you spraying. With its fan-cooled DC motor you get reliable performance every day.


Electric airless sprayers are great for contractors who need versatility, reliability and performance.