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Graco Easy Out Gun Filters

Accessories Graco Easy Out Gun Filters

The Gun Filter helps reduce tip plugging and provides a better quality finish by eliminating unwanted particles from the spray pattern. Use 60 mesh for materials such as primer and latex paint. Use 100 mesh for thinner materials such as stain and lacquer.

287032         60 mesh
287033         100 mesh

Graco Fluid Manifold Filters & Support

Using a standard pump manifold filter is the easiest way to maximise spray performance while also saving time and money by extending the life of your equipment and reducing down time. Use 60 mesh for materials such as latex primer, latex paints, and latex enamels.

167024         30 mesh
167025         60 mesh
167026         100 mesh
186075         Filter Support

Graco Inlet Strainers

The easiest way to maximise spray performance is to use Graco brand strainers and filters in your sprayers and guns. A strainer prevents foreign objects from entering into the pump and provides the first stage of filtration.

237675          Nylon Cap, 1/2 inch
235004          Nylon Cap, 3/4 inch
246385          Nylon Cap, 7/8 inch
183770          SST 3/4 inch
181072          SST Cap Double Screen 1 inch
189920          SST Cap Single Screen 1 inch
237840          SST Cap 1.1/4 inch

Graco Lowers Repair Kits

Packings play a critical role in optimizing spray performance by sealing pressure and holding material inside the pump. The tighter the seal, the better the performance. Graco packings feature two material constructions. UHWMPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) is a durable, high-impact resistant material, used in such products as bulletproof safety vests. PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a non-stick coating that can withstand extreme heat and is well-known for its use in cookware. Consult your manual for proper packing order.

25D235                 180cc lower
25D236                 220cc lower

Other kits for different lower sizes are also available.

Andreae Booth Filters (AM900)

Andreae filters are the most recognised and established on the market. They remain the most universal and common filter in use. The Original range is made with 2 layers of heavy “kraft” paper, punched, pleated and glued together with 2 built-in extension limiters. Thanks to these limiters, the maximum load capacity is guaranteed. The Original range is the filter for all paint types.


AF813 Height 90cm
Length 9.24m
Surface 8.35m2
240 pleats

Throat Seal Liquid (TSL)

Throat Seal Liquid (TSL) prevents paint and coatings from drying onto the displacement rod and packings, extending the life of the pump. Maintaining your pump is essential for long life and reliability.

206994        0.25ltr
206995        1.00ltr
206996        3.80ltr

Can Crusher (CC001)

  • Saves on expensive skip hire
  • Crushes cans (up to 25 litre) in seconds
  • Operates on compressed air only (13 cfm at 100 psi)
  • Factory or site use
  • Powerful thrust – max 2 tonnes
  • Safety interlock – cannot operate with door open
  • Crushing compartment size: 340mm (w) x 390mm (d)
  • Crushing plate set at 500mm from floor of compartment


Can Crusher cover