FAQs: Surface preparation & finishing

Questions about shot blasting, sand blasting, or different abrasive finishing systems? Don’t know the correct abrasive product to get the finish you want? Need information about powder coating equipment? We’ve compiled these frequently asked question to help you out.  

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Total Care Services

How do I know which service package I need for my blasting equipment?

What tests and checks do your engineers do to ensure regulatory compliance?

What blasting equipment upgrades and safety features do you offer?

What training do you provide for teams working in blasting and finishing?

Blasting Services

How do I choose the right blasting equipment?

Can I buy refurbished blasting equipment?

What is shot blasting and how does shot blasting work?

Is sand blasting illegal / banned in the UK?

What is shot peening?

Abrasive Services

How do I choose the right abrasive product for my project?

What do I need to look for when choosing an abrasive material?

How do I decide where to order my abrasive products and materials?

Do you collect used abrasives and is it possible to recycle them?

What is an abrasive and what are the different uses for abrasive materials?

Blasting and finishing equipment hire

What types of blasting equipment can I hire from you?

How much does it cost to hire your blasting and finishing equipment?

Can I hire a sand blaster from you?

Blast equipment servicing, maintenance & repair

What are the options for servicing my blasting equipment?

What testing of blasting equipment do I need for compliance?

What training do my team need to ensure health and safety compliance?

Powder coating & painting equipment

How does powder coating work?

Is powder coating better than painting?

What coating equipment do I need to spray paint?

What additional equipment do I need for paint spraying?

Blast machines

How much compressed air do I need for my blast machine?

My blast machine isn’t working properly, what should I do?

There’s a problem with the air and / or pressure in my blast machine, what should I do?

Do I need a pressure relief valve and how often do I need my machine pressure tested?

How long should my nozzle and blast hose last?

Abrasive materials & blasting media

What are abrasives and examples of abrasive blasting materials?

What are the properties of different abrasive blasting materials?

How do I choose the right abrasive blasting media?

Can waste abrasives (steel grit, steel shot, blasting sand) be recycled?

Blasting equipment

What are abrasive blasting and abrasive blast cleaning?

How do I choose the right blasting equipment?

Can I buy refurbished blasting equipment?

Blast cabinets & blast rooms

My blast cabinet isn’t working, what should I do?

Abrasive isn’t getting recovered from the floor hopper in my blast room, what should I do?


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