Hodge Clemco provides blasting machinery, parts and PPE to a wide range of large industry sectors. These include automotive, marine, medical and rail.

With our years of experience in the blasting sector we work with industry leaders in aerospace, including Rolls Royce and Airbus.

We have also worked on large projects with the Ministry of Defence.

As well as large organisation we also work with small and medium sized business. that require the supply of blasting equipment and machinery.

Hodge Clemco can provide blasting solutions for everyone.

As well as large blast rooms we also manufacture blast cabinets and blast machines.

To see some of the companies we have worked with recently have a read of our blog.

1440 blast machine
Blast suit and Apollo 600 helmet


Hodge Clemco offers tailored solutions to the vehicle refinishing industry which encompasses the cleaning and restoration of commercial vehicles (haulage trailers & trucks, dump bodies, dump trailers, bulldozers, coaches, vans), alloy wheels, sports cars and classic cars.


Etching, peening and de-painting (PMS) are common processes, all of which require equipment capable of precise control.

Aero engines operate at the absolute limits of engineering and require coatings to operate at the extremes of cold and heat. Sermetal™ and Indestructible Paints™ are the industry standard coatings and require an even key to enable the coatings to successfully bond to the substrate. Hodge Clemco has a range of cabinets offering efficient grit cleaning solutions ensuring that the media propelled from the nozzle is of consistent size and shape. Our cabinets are heavy duty in nature, capable of withstanding the high wear rates associated with Aluminium Oxide grit blasting.



As market leaders in the manufacture of corrosion treatment equipment , Hodge Clemco has worked within the marine industry to develop a range of specialist equipment for successfully dealing with their needs.



Hi-technology materials such as titanium have become widespread in the Medical Industry. From prosthetic parts, joint replacement and medical implements, the application is wide-ranging.



Hodge Clemco has supported the rail industry from the very early days of British Rail to the latest operator, Railtrack. Our technology has developed with the pace of the rail industry to meet a variety of needs and applications.


Defence and Military

Hodge Clemco has provided many installations into UK based Military Establishments.

Our experience with the Army, Navy, RAF, USAF and civilian contractors allowed us to establish a close working relationship. We have developed many specialised machines, specific for this industry.


Food and Agriculture

The food and agricultural industry is not one you would immediately associate with surface preparation equipment. Hodge Clemco equipment has been extensively used in the industry for cleaning food handling equipment, ensuring the surfaces in contact with our food are clean, defect-free and hygienic.


Oil and Gas

Our Oil & Gas customer base demands highly specified equipment. Whether the application is on or off-shore, Hodge Clemco provides a solution.


Foundry and Forge

Foundry & Forge applications typify Heavy Engineering. The harsh environments of traditional foundries are nowadays contrasted by hi-tec lost wax and die-casting applications.


Fabrication and Construction

General Fabrication is a diverse industry, encompassing portal frame building manufacture and general steel structures. Hodge Clemco has a range of Industrial & Standard products tailored for this industry.


Stone Cleaning

Stone Cleaning is a specialist process, requiring in-depth knowledge of the application, equipment and abrasives. Many of our most historic buildings and monuments have been restored using Hodge Clemco equipment and Wolverhampton Abrasives material.



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