Site Contractors require equipment that can perform in the most demanding conditions. From bridge work to large restoration projects, site contractors know that machine selection is the key to getting the job finished on time and in profit. That’s why “Clemco” is renowned throughout the world for quality and reliability.

Our range of “Contractor” machines is purpose designed for this market. The looped handle arrangement doubles up as a skid, allowing the machines to be laid down whilst protecting all the external pipe work and valves. This protects the machine from the abuse normally endured during transport from contract to contract. Hodge Clemco has incorporated this “Contractor” design feature on the whole size range of portable blast machines.

Our 2452 machine is also offered with a twin axle arrangement and in a 12 bar version, allowing its use on very long hose runs whilst still maintaining nozzle pressure.
We accept that safety is paramount on site jobs. Our new safety range of products is targeted towards large contractors and in particular for long hose runs. For example, our PVR cut off valve can cut the grit supply to a nozzle within seconds offering localised protection. Environmental considerations are always a prime factor in site applications. Hodge Clemco manufactures a range of portable site extraction units to keep the air “zones” clear during blasting. High efficiency filters are used to remove any contamination from the atmosphere. These units are widely used on Railtrack bridge jobs.
Wolverhampton Abrasives offers a tailored solution to our contractors. We can deliver to the whole of UK and Eire from local depots, ensuring the material arrives on site in excellent condition, ready to use when you want it. A full library of COSHH and Material Data Sheets are available to download from our web site.