PosiSoft.net – Web based

PosiSoft.net is a web-based application offering secure centralised management of PosiTector and PosiTest AT-A readings. Synchronise measurement data from your instrument and access it from anywhere in the world.

To access PosiSoft.net click here.


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  • Import readings directly from the gage via USB, WiFi, or from legacy PosiSoft Desktop version
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Built-in report templates for instant, professional reporting. Report preview automatically refreshes as changes are made.
  • NEW Search stored batches for probe type, batch name, or batch note
  • Download the software (with included sample measurement data) and get started immediately


  • Export readings as .csv (comma separated value) files for easy import into Excel and other spreadsheets
  • Import PDF documents as batches—ideal for including measurement data from unsupported or non-digital instruments in reports
  • Prompted Batch Mode—create pre-defined batches with onscreen text and image prompts for each reading and upload to PosiTector 6000, 200, and UTG gages (Advanced models only)
  • Custom Fields mode—import PDF forms and overlay drag-and-drop fields to automatically populate inspection data
  • Multi-language support—English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and Korean


  • Jobs feature consolidates batches into groups to keep measurement data organized and to quickly create multi-batch reports
  • Fully integrates with PosiSoft.net—backup and synchronize jobs, batches, readings and report templates to the cloud and synchronize across multiple computers
  • HiLo mode compares measurements against user-specified limits (PosiTector 6000, SPG, and UTG models only). HiLo parameters are identified on generated reports.
  • Convenient graphs for quickly spotting trends and cycles
  • PosiTector DPM environmental monitor feature allows continuous monitoring of one or more dew point meters in centralised location


PosiSoft.net – Web based


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