Grit and Shot Surface Comparator

Grit and shot surface comparators are used to test the roughness of the surface. The roughness is estimated and compared to the different areas on the surface comparator by visual examination. If necessary, by scraping with a finger nail (but never with the skin as this will contaminate the blast). Both grit and shot blasted surfaced can be compared using either comparator.

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PosiTector SPG – Surface profile gauges measure and record peak to valley profile heights on metal that has been blasted. It can also be used on concrete and textured coatings  with a depth micrometer fitted with a fine pointed probe. This gauge includes a more durable alumina wear face and two cabled probe versions. One for measuring the profile of of the textured coatings.

PositTector RTR -Replica tape readers measure and record the profile parameters using replica tape. It digitally measures peak to valley  profile height.



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Grit and Shot Surface Comparator


Grit Comparator

Grit and Shot Surface Comparator

Shot Comparator

Grit and Shot Surface Comparator

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