1028NC Blast Machine

The 1028NC blast machine is the smallest model in our range. It has an expendable abrasive capacity of 25kg with overall dimensions of 780mm high x 400mm x 800mm. This machine is suited for small projects and jobs where portability is the key factor.

Our 1028 blast machine offers the perfect balance between productivity and portability. It is suited for small site repair work or when access is difficult. The 1028 can be used with a complete range of dry abrasives (excluding soda) and is an ideal companion for the hobby to industrial repair markets. Our machines are renowned for build quality, reliability and are heavy duty for all industrial uses. We offer a range of optional features which allow the machine to be used in inclement weather conditions.




Remote Control Valve and Silencer (RMS100D)

From Deadman Handle (Yellow)

To Deadman Handle (Red)

Water Separator (MP148X)

Abrasive Metering Valve (MAMV1)

Blast Hose (MPNC21)


You can also see the relevant PPE that is required to operate this machine safely.

To find out more about or PPE for blasting.