1440 Blast Machine

The 1440 blast machine is one of our most popular models in our range of blast pots.

Our 1440 machine is our medium sized industrial blast machine that offers the perfect balance between productivity and portability. It is suited for medium site repair work or when access is difficult. Our machines are renowned for build quality, reliability and are heavy duty for all industrial uses. We offer a range of optional features which allow the machine to be used in inclement weather conditions. Our 1440 is available with a pressure regulator which allows the machine to be operated at a range of blast pressures and as low as 0.8 bar for delicate work.


RMS100D and Silencer

To Deadman Handle (Yellow)

To Deadman Handle (Red) 

Water Separator 

Steel Grit Valve P17C 


  • It has an expendable abrasive capacity of 75kg.
  • With overall dimensions of 1070mm high 670mm x 800mm, approximate weight 100kg.
  • It offers three times the capacity of the 1028.
  • The 1440 blast machine is designed to be portable and easily fits through standard doorways. It is a popular choice with stone renovators and boat yards.