2040NC Blast Machine

The 2040NC blast machine is an ideal machine for heavy duty industrial applications where portability is still an important consideration. It has an expendable abrasive capacity of 150kg with overall dimensions of 1100mm high x 810mm x 960mm. This machine offers twice the capacity of the 1440NC machine, allowing its use on medium to larger projects. This type of unit is commonly used on bridge refurbishment work, general fabrication cleaning and larger shipyards.

Our 2040 machine is our second largest standard industrial blast machine that offers outstanding performance on higher production applications, whilst still retaining its portability. It is best suited to fixed location blasting operations such as blast shops or large site operations. The contractor style handle keeps all the pipe work within the confines of the machine and allows the machine to be transported horizontally without pipe work damage. The 2040 can be used with a complete range of dry abrasives (excluding soda) and is an ideal companion for large industrial repair markets.