Aquagrit WDOS (Dry / Wet / Slurry) Blast Machine

The Aquagrit WDOS Blast Machine range can be used for wet and dry applications without adaptation or additional equipment. The machines provide exceptional versatility as they can be used dry on encapsulated sites, or wet to reduce dust in open environments. When used wet, optimum performance is achieved with Hodge Clemco’s purpose-designed Aquagrit media or with garnet across the normal size spectrum.

All types of free-flowing media can be used for dry operation. The machines have hopper capacities of 15, 41 and 73 litres and have been designed to maximise safety and convenience for operators while providing reliability and ease of maintenance. Hoppers have steep cones to optimise abrasive flow and are coated internally to prevent corrosion.

A tungsten-carbide-lined remote operated abrasive metering valve provides positive control of abrasive. A quick release coupling is fitted above the metering valve to allow for faster media drainage.

A deadmans handle with slide valve is supplied to control the operation of the machine. The slide valve allows for the abrasive to be turned on and off during operation, enabling the system to also be used to blown down after blasting.

An emergency stop button and main RMS pet-cock are included on the machine for safety.

When in use for wet blasting, the machines can be filled with a hose or pump, and a water separator and water level valve are included as standard equipment.

Down-time for maintenance has been reduced by simplifying the design of the equipment and including such features as easy access to the exhaust chamber. Heavy-duty wheels and contractor-style handles allow the machines to be moved on site, with the handles providing protection for valves and other important components.

Optional features available:

  • Pressure relief valve.
  • Pressure regulator for applications that require accurate air pressure control.

These models are also available as an ATEX version.

We also provide The 2050SB Slurry Blast.

The 2050SB Slurry Blast is robust and great for heavy industrial cleaning applications. The abrasive media is totally saturated in water within the system fully arresting any airborne fines and dust during the blasting process. Recommended abrasives are from particles of 1mm and above.

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