Blast Suits

Blast suits are an important part of PPE when abrasive blasting. At Hodge Clemco we stock a choice of blast suits to match your needs.

An image of a protective garment designed by Hodge Clemco Ltd, featuring a bright yellow and red color scheme.
Man in Hodge Clemco branded blast suit and helmet
Man stood in blast suit, with an Apollo 600 blast helmet under his arm

Blast Suit (APHBS1?LV)

Leather and cotton blasters suit offers comfort and durability.

The leather is used to reinforce the high wear areas of the arm, leg and body front sections where abrasive ricochet is foremost whilst cotton provides a more flexible material for low impact areas. State size when ordering.



Flame Retardant Wet Blast Suit

Offering unrivalled performance and protection across a wide range of applications.

Designed in conjunction with Shell and some of the UK’s largest fabric maintenance contractors, the flame retardant blast suit is manufactured from a military grade fabric and is fully tested and approved.

The suit capable of being used on both wet and dry blast processes in addition to being flame retardant, allowing it to be used at petrochemical sites, on and off-shore and for applications where the operator works in a zoned environment.

Comfort is achieved by using high technology fabrics which allow full mobility and a breathable inner lining to help regulate body temperature.

The heavy duty wear resistant fabric is manufactured to military standards and provides optimum wear resistance.


Reinforced Cape (APH6004436)

The reinforced cape protects the upper body and maintains an airtight seal with the helmet in the neck area. We recommend this cape is used with our Flame Retardant Wet Blast Suit which is approved for wet and dry blast applications.

Our PPE meets all the legal H&S legislation and has been optimised for the application.

Inspection Suits

Where a high level of impact resistance is not required, the inspection suit provides protection from paint mist, dust and dirt. State size when ordering.

Rope Access Specific PPE (APH6004436RA)

Working whilst suspended from ropes, with a harness and life jacket fitted requires a specific set of PPE for blasting.

The specially designed cape is uniquely sculptured to allow access to the harness whilst still protecting the upper body and maintaining an airtight seal in the neck area. We recommend this cape is used in addition to our Flame Retardant Wet Blast Suit which is approved for wet and dry blast applications, fully lined, making it the most versatile and durable suit available today.

The optional DLX liner kit fitted to the helmet allows the hood to fit snug to the operator’s face eliminating movement from incorrectly adjusted head harnesses. The field of view will also allow the wearer to inspect the harness attachments without hood misalignment.

Our PPE meets all the legal H&S legislation and it provides the optimum characteristics for the application.

See our Blast Suits Brochure for further information.