Breathing Air Supply

Breathing Air Supply – At Hodge Clemco we stock everything you need to ensure safe working when abrasive blasting.

Particulate Air Filters CPF20

Designed to reduce pollutants in air lines supplied to air fed helmets. The filter will remove mists (including oil mist), water vapour and particles down to 0.5 micron in size from a suitable supply of compressed air that is FREE from CARBON MONOXIDE in accordance with EN12021. This can be firstly checked using our air quality test kit.

CPF 20 Owner’s Manual (644)


CPF03547 Filter Cartridge

This Cartridge can be fitted to our BAF10, CPF20 and CPF40 range of particulate air filters. It is recommended that the filter cartridge is replaced at regular intervals to ensure the health and safety of the operator.

APH4411 Climate Control Tube

The climate control tube connects to the breathing air supply of the Apollo helmet. The unit supplies the operator with warm or cool air. Temperature range is 10°C to 30°C providing more efficient working conditions.



Maintenance Instructions


Air Quality Test Kit (BAK6527150)

Our air quality test kit can be used to determine the purity of breathing air in the low pressure range. Each kit comes with Dräger-Tubes®, tube opener, measuring device for tubes, timer, quick connect coupling, pressure reducer, carrying case, and instruction booklet.

Air Quality Test Kit