Cabinet Spares

Cabinet spares are available for a variety of different blast cabinets.

Blast Cabinet Spares


Hodge Clemco’s range of blast cabinets utilise the same range of spare parts common to our portable range of equipment.

This universal nature of spares ensures that we have the correct stock of parts available to suit every request.

The simplicity of design enables our spares can be fitted with the minimum of down time.

Suction Gun Spares

Hodge Clemco’s BNP Venturi style suction gun offers unrivalled performance and the lowest running costs compared with any other gun on the market.

The ergonomically designed pistol style grip allows maximum comfort and the gun body is designed for ease of maintenance.

Our range of suction guns are fully supported by a comprehensive stock of spare parts.

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Hodge Clemco supplies a range of gloves and sleeves to support our industrial base of blast cabinets.

Gloves are provided in a different sizes.


Anti-etch screen

Anti Etch screens are designed to protect the viewing window from abrasive ricochet.

The screens are manufactured from high grade clear plastic material.

They have double sided tape around the edges to securely fasten the screen to the glass window.



Our range of anti-static extraction and recovery hoses are selected to reduce wear and tear, providing long life.

The internal faces of our hoses are smooth bore which reduces friction from grit and dust.

A wire is manufactured into the hose material allowing the hoses to be clamped and earthed.

This is useful on applications where static build-up can occur.

Dust Filters

Hodge Clemco supplies dust filters for our complete range of cabinet systems.

Bag type, envelope and cartridge type filters are available.

Polyester needlefelt and coated materials are available to suit a wide array of applications.