Containerised Blast Rooms

Containerised blast rooms are a great solution when factory space is at a premium or a temporary site is to be utilised.

Our blasting containers provide an instant and economical solution. Containerised blast rooms are based upon standard shipping container sizes.

This reduces the design and fabrication costs that are normally associated with blast room manufacture.

The flexibility of this design means that the client can specify the type of recovery system, dust collection system and size of the unit to suit his needs.

Our containerised booths are fully weatherproof and can be positioned indoors or outside your factory.

Hodge Clemco also manufactures a range of larger telescopic containerised rooms which are designed specifically for the freight and vehicle refinishing industry.

Containerised Blast Room in green, with a metal ventilation pipe attached


  • Length: 6m or 12m; Width:2.4m; Height:2.4m
  • Economical
  • Abrasive recovery & dust collection selection flexibility
  • Fully weather-proofed


  • Limited space
  • Temporary sites
  • Freight & vehicle refinishing
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Abrasive blasting of large items
  • Surface Preparation
  • Coating Removal