Power Injection Guns (PIGs)

Power Injection Gun (SG400)

Designed for use without a pressure vessel, this unit lifts abrasive directly from the bag. With cleaning rates close to that of the 1028NC contractor machine this is a welcome addition to the operator’s range of equipment. Also available is a wet blast model, SG400W keeping dust down to a minimum by injecting water into the blast stream.

Manual (247)

Suction Gun (SG300)

Essential for light duty blast cleaning when available air volumes are low. With a range of air jet and nozzle combinations to meet constraints of available compressed air, the SG300 will provide an easy answer to the infrequent blaster. Ideal for the smaller job where the abrasive hopper can be placed within 10ft (3m) of the surface to be cleaned. Nozzles used are tungsten carbide lined for a long life.

Owner’s Manual (TSOM 64A)

SG300 Suction Gun
SG300 Suction Gun with hose attached
SG400 Power injection gun