PPE Coating Applications

PPE Coating Supplies

MPV601N Airvisor 2 MV Breathing Air Kit, Wilson, Sperian, Honeywell

Ideal for paint spraying and other similar tasks, this Honeywell Airvisor 2 MV painter’s air-fed respirator kit is designed to offer respiratory protection as well as guarding the eyes and face in a variety of industries. By connecting to a compressed air supply hose on site, it provides clean air to the wearer and features an acetate visor for protection against chemical splash.

MPV601N Spray Mask further info

Disposable Overalls

These great-value disposable overalls are ideal for use in workplaces where clothes can be damaged or stained. Providing protection against non-hazardous dust and dirt, these disposable overalls are also useful for painting or working with grease or oil-based products. The elasticated hood and cuffs maintain a snug fit, while the front zip fastening allows the overalls to be put on and taken off quickly and easily.


PDH1 Disposable Hood

For additional protection when blasting or paint spraying. The paper hood is hygienically essential when a helmet is being used.