Tips/Guns/Hoses/Accessories – At Hodge Clemco we supply a wide variety of parts and spares for spray equipment.

  • We stock a variety of tips for all different spray needs.
  • We have a selection of airless spray guns.
  • Replacement hoses
  • Easy Out Gun Filters
  • Fluid manifold filters
  • Inlet strainers

Also see our stock of PPE.



Combining the correct Graco spray tips with your gun plays a big role in helping you create the professional finish your job demands. Not only does the tip determine how much fluid will leave the gun when you pull the trigger, the spray tip also determines how wide a spray fan the gun will create.


Choose a tip with an orifice size rated for the paint or coating you’ll be spraying. Light coatings such as lacquers, stains, and enamels require a small tip, while heavier coatings such as texture require larger spray tips. Many paint manufacturers will specify recommended spray tip sizes on the container or product specification sheet.

Size the spray tip according to the tip rating of your sprayer. Make sure that the sprayer can support the tip you are planning to use. If you plan on using multiple spray guns on your job, pick a tip size that matches the multiple gun tip rating of your sprayer.

Airless Spray Guns

The airless spray gun is the physical connection between you and a quality finish. Graco airless spray guns are recognised as the industry standard for quality, durability and performance – delivering a comfortable spraying experience and a perfect finish on every job.

Airless spraying directs fluid under high pressure – without compressed air. Often used for protective coatings, airless spray guns quickly and efficiently apply high viscosity material.

High Pressure Hoses

Graco Xtreme-Duty high pressure hoses are flexible and durable, yet extremely easy to use. As hoses take a beating on the jobsite, Graco puts its hoses through a unique safety testing regimen in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Each hose design undergoes impulse, burst, flexibility and cold bend testing to give you top quality, durability and reliable performance. Xtreme-Duty hoses are available in different lengths, diameters, and three different pressure ratings.