Complete Finishing Systems

SurfacePrep A Complete Finishing Systems Division. We are a world leading distributer of surface enhancement solutions and a division of the SurfacePrep group of companies with 50 facilities across the US, Canada, and the UK.

SurfacePrep, an entity with a rich history spanning over a century, proudly encompasses Complete Finishing Systems as an integral component.

Complete Finishing Systems specialise in, high-specification and energy efficient turnkey plant systems for coating steel, alloy and plastics. This includes manual, automatic and robotic paint and powder coating, spray or dip chemical pre-treatment, and all oven types. Together with ancillary equipment such as conveyor systems, controls and automation, wastewater treatment and solvent abatement.

Our philosophy of providing the most efficient technology together with first class support ensures that we continue to provide the best service in the industry today.

Complete Finishing Systems are part of the SurfacePrep Group of companies who have been well established within the surface finishing Industry for over 100 years.

Spray booth with lorry inside

Powder Coating Systems

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Unlike conventional liquid paint which is delivered via an evaporating solvent.


Powder Booths & Systems

Several styles of powder coating booth are available including the standard stainless steel booth for spray to waste applications or plastic booths for fast colour change applications. A cartridge style after filter is connected to the booth to extract surplus powder. A cyclone separator can also be included to allow surplus powder to be recycled to minimise operating costs. The number of automatic guns is selected for the size of the parts and conveyor speed and these are mounted on reciprocators on either side of the booth. Powder is either fed from hoppers in a basic system or from a powder centre in a fully automatic system.


Wet Paint Systems

Wet paint booths are essential in various industries for efficient and high-quality paint application.

There are several types of wet paint booths, each designed to meet specific requirements. Open-face booths offer accessibility and visibility, suitable for small-scale projects.

Enclosed booths provide controlled environments, preventing contaminants and ensuring a uniform finish. Downdraft booths feature airflows directed downward, minimising overspray and improving paint capture. Crossdraft booths have airflow moving horizontally, while semi-downdraft combines features of both downdraft and crossdraft designs. Additionally, pressurized booths maintain cleanliness by keeping contaminants out.

Each type caters to diverse applications, enhancing productivity and ensuring the desired paint finish and are available with robotic or manual application.