Refurbished Equipment

At Hodge Clemco we offer refurbished equipment for blasting.

We also have refurbished machines available for sale. The machines we have are constantly changing depending on stock.

Refurbished ZZIND1000COMPXE Suction Cabinet


Work Chamber Internal Size:

1000mm x 800mm x 950mm

Compressed Air Consumption: 

32 cfm at 80psi

Recommended Air Supply          

75 cfm, clean & dry air supply

Recommended Nozzle Sizes:                     

#5 Boron



The  IND1000COMP XE Suction cabinet is the entry level industrial blast cabinet that we offer as standard.

Suction Blast Cabinets provide the ideal cleaning and finishing solution to many coating and corrosion problems. Ideally suited to ensuring a decorative or aesthetically pleasing surface finish across many materials.

Suction systems are generally lower in capital cost than a pressure cabinet and use less compressed air. Making them an attractive proposition for smaller workshops or lower production environments.

Clear visibility is maintained by a high airflow cartridge type dust collector.  When coupled to a high-level air inlet and the use of a laminar airflow across the viewing window, this keeps the air moving and improves visibility inside the blast chamber.

An externally mounted light gives optimum illumination inside the cabinet. It reduces shadows to allow the parts to be inspected easily whilst still inside the chamber.

Our unique sleeved glove assembly allows for a relaxed operator working position, irrespective of the operators’ height.  Our suction cabinets have full opening doors on both sides, and are fitted with door safety interlocks ensuring blasting cannot take place with the doors open.

EX-45 e-Xtreme

Part number: 24Y901


For more info on this model click here




part number: 517300



Two-component spraying made easy and affordable. The Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer is designed to pump, mix and atomise high to 100% solid coatings with superior results.

Refurbished Smart Cab

The refurbished  Smart Cab is a compact and economical unit, ideal for short intermittent periods of blast cleaning.

The scope of applications include cleaning, etching, removing of coatings and polishing of small components. This unique and low-cost suction cabinet is suitable with a full range of abrasives including glass bead, glass grit, plastic media and aluminium oxide.


Sheet metal enclosure.

High performance approved BNP gun.

BNP metering valve.

Adjustable working pressure from 3 to 7 bar.

Door safety interlocks ensuring blasting cannot take place with the doors open

6mm ceramic nozzle as standard

Safety window with anti-etch screen for protection against wear and tear

Hand-holes – small work-pieces can be introduced without opening the door

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