Testing & Compliance

Testing and Compliance – Health and Safety is paramount for any blasting environment. Regulations and guidelines need to be in place to ensure the safety in the workplace.

Regulation Compliance

As part of our service department we have skilled engineers who can attend your site to carry out the relevant tests and checks to your blasting equipment to ensure you comply with regulations. Our engineers carry the relevant calibrated equipment to ensure a professional comprehensive test is carried out meeting all industry and HSE guidelines.

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)

Effective LEV or dust/fume extraction can carry away airborne contaminants before they can be breathed in. The HSE directive requires you to have a periodic thorough examination and test at least every 14 months . The records of this must be kept for at least 5 years. This ensures LEV systems are fully functioning, protecting workers from hazardous dust and fumes. Hodge Clemco can complete your LEV test meeting P601 regulations. And  also HSG258 guidelines. So you can rest assured this is completed to the highest standard. See HSE’s LEV Guidance and the COSHH Regulations.

Written Scheme of Examination (WSE)

Under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000, users and owners of pressure systems are required to demonstrate that they know the safe operating limits of their systems,. And that they are safe under those conditions. The periodicity is determined by your initial WSE, by using Hodge Clemco to periodically test your system. You can ensure your equipment and company continue to comply with regulations.

Pressure Testing (External and In-House)

Your insurance company will have an exact frequency that they will expect you to have your pressure vessel/machine tested. At Hodge Clemco, we advise that it is good practice to have it tested every 12 months. A blast machine pressure test can be complete at your site. however, if preferred this can also be completed at our facility in Sheffield. See the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2014/68/UE).

Breathing Air Testing

The required quality of breathing air stated in EN12021,is to provide information on the safe limits of potential contaminant gases within breathing air. And to ensure that the life support gas of oxygen is of an adequate level. Testing on your air-fed mask’s filter should be completed at least every 3 months or when something has materially changed within the system. E.g. the compressor or blast machine has been moved, or there have been changes to the pipework. For rarely used equipment they require compressed air quality testing before each use. Employers must store the records of these tests and repairs for a period of at least five years.

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