Abrasive blasting takes a heavy toll on the equipment and systems involved in the process, compromising reliability, efficiency, safety, quality, and profitability.

Hodge Clemco offers a full range of maintenance and repair options to enable customers to optimise their blasting processes. With over 60 years’ experience in the manufacture of abrasive blast equipment behind us, we not only have the technical expertise to carry out maintenance and repairs to the highest standards, but we will advise on the appropriate maintenance and servicing programme suitable for each customer need, taking into account equipment type, abrasive selection, application and duty cycle.

TOTALCare, Hodge Clemco’s after-market team, consists of a dedicated Service Manager, a service administrator, and a team of full-time service engineers. Offering an unrivalled level of support the team can also assist you with future plant refurbishments and upgrades on our own and other manufacturers’ equipment. And can ensure you meet regulations by completing the relevant tests and checks on your equipment.

For further assistance please contact a member of our service team on 0114 254 1520 or email us at totalcare@hodgeclemco.co.uk