Hodge Clemco’s Digital Evolution: Unveiling the New Website by Transform Communications

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Nowadays, online presence is key for businesses. The ability to be found at the touch of a button and for customers to find solutions quickly and efficiently is essential to a successful business. With the customer at the forefront of the core business values of Hodge Clemco, a SurfacePrep company, having a website to meet these values is vital.


Hodge Clemco, a leading name in the surface preparation and finishing industry, made a strategic move to revamp their online presence with the development of a new website. The launch of their website, designed by the innovative minds at Transform Communications, marks a significant milestone in their ongoing journey towards excellence and customer satisfaction.


Hodge Clemco has always been an industry leader in the surface preparation field and now as part of SurfacePrep UK the company continues to grow. The company took the decision to make their website a crucial marketing goal with lead generation and user experience at the centre, evolving around the needs of their customers and the market.


One of the goals behind the website was to enhance the user experience. It was felt by the company that while the old site remained functional it didn’t meet the high expectations now in demand by online users. In today’s modern fast evolving digital world, users demand intuitive, fast, and aesthetically pleasing interfaces that navigate the user to their destination as quickly and effortlessly as possible.


Transform Communications, a multi award winning marketing agency, partnered with Hodge Clemco to make their vision a reality. Using modern design, eye catching graphics and an intuitive experience for customers, allowing them to find their solutions easily.


“From our very first meeting, Louise and the Hodge Clemco team have been a pleasure to work with. Our skill sets are perfectly complementary. Their knowledge about all things blasting and finishing, combined with our expertise in website design, development, and SEO copy. The website not only looks great and is set up to perform, but it also demonstrates the breadth and depth of expertise that sits within the Hodge Clemco team.”

Karolyn Andrews,

Head of Content at Transform Communications


Another focus for the website was to ensure that it was accessible, particularly from mobile devices, which was an area significantly lacking on the old website. Hodge Clemco realised the new site needed to cater for users accessing the site on a wide range of devices.

Having the site accessible on devices other than a computer and optimised for screen size was vital to ensure success. As this would allow the website to be found more favourably by search engine algorithms and improve the companies ranking on search engines and online visibility.

Enabling customers to interact with the business was an important requirement of the new website. Transform Communications designed the site to include communication tools to allow customers to interact with the business easily. These features included an integrated contact form allowing customers to contact the company directly. And for those wanting to speak personally with the company the footer was populated with the main contact information and phone number. A list of the main customer facing managers was also added to allow customers to be able to put names to faces of those they may meet and speak with to resolve their problems and seek solutions. This all allows clients and prospects to effortlessly connect with the company, growing stronger relationships and quicker resolutions to queries.


“The decision to create a new website was aligned with the marketing strategies for Hodge Clemco and the wider SurfacePrep UK company aims and growth. Working with Transform Communications has led to a professional relationship between the companies to develop and grow a key area of the business.”

Louise Cranstone-Spooner,

Marketing Manager SurfacePrep UK


The website is at the forefront of Hodge Clemco’s digital marketing strategy. The site is designed to support various digital marketing initiatives, including content marketing, email campaigns, and social media integration. Transform Communications ensured that the site was optimised for search engines, increasing organic traffic, and attracting more potential customers.

“Hodge Clemco’s company culture is incredibly welcoming and down-to-earth, with a team that’s as friendly as it is professional. Louise, in particular, has been a pleasure to work with – she’s approachable, communicative, and provides valuable feedback in a timely manner. We look forward to fostering a long-term, collaborative relationship and supporting Hodge Clemco’s continued growth in the years to come, however we can.”

Ed Pitman,

Digital Executive at Transform Communications


With the launch of the new website by Transform Communications, Hodge Clemco are meeting their current business needs and developing a site for the future. The platform is built to be scalable and adaptable, allowing for continuous improvements and the integration of new technologies as they emerge. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the company can keep pace with digital advancements and evolving customer expectations.

The launch of Hodge Clemco’s new website, designed by Transform Communications, is an investment in the company’s future. By prioritising the customer journey and optimising the website for devices the company are well positioned to continue their growth within their industry.


Hodge Website Editorial


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