Aquagrit Blast Machines

We offer two aquagrit blast machines. The 2050SB Slurry Blast and the Aquagrit WDOS (dry/wet/slurry) blast machine


The 2050SB Slurry Blast is robust and great for heavy industrial cleaning applications. The abrasive media is totally saturated in water within the system fully arresting any airborne fines and dust during the blasting process. Recommended abrasives are from particles of 1mm and above.

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The Aquagrit WDOS Blast Machine range can be used for wet and dry applications. There is no need for any adaptions or additional equipment. The machines provide exceptional versatility as they can be used dry on encapsulated sites, or wet to reduce dust in open environments. When used wet, optimum performance is achieved with Hodge Clemco’s purpose-designed Aquagrit media or with garnet across the normal size spectrum. All types of free-flowing media can be used for dry operation.

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We also have our own range of standard blast machines. These start with the smallest 1028 machine right through to the largest 2452 machine.