Special Offers Nozzles

We currently have a range of special offers running on our nozzles.

If you are looking for a new nozzle type or replacement nozzle then now is the time to take a look at what we have available.

Take advantage of this offer and get yourself a great deal on your next nozzle.

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MNSCA32750 £78.50 each

MNSCA32750 Nozzle
MNSCA32750 Nozzle Silicone carbide nylon JKT 11mm x 1

MNSCA350 £54.00 each

MNSCA350 Nozzle
MNSCA350 Nozzle silicone carbide nylon JKT 7.5mm x 6

MNUB32450 £84.00 each

MNUB32450 Nozzle
MNUB32450 Nozzle boron carbide nylon and poly 6.4mm x 4

MNUDC350 £65.00 each

MNUDC350 Nozzle
MNUDC350 Nozzle T/C alum 4.8mm x 4

MNUDC750 £67.00 each

MNUDC750 Nozzle
MNUDC750 Nozzle T/C alum 11m x 9

MNUDL32450 £50.00 each

MNUDL32450 Nozzle
MNUDL32450 Nozzle alum c/w duragrip sleeve 6.35mm x 4

MNUDS350 £46.00 each

MNUDS350 Nozzle
MNUDS350 Nozzle T/C short venturi alum 4.8mm x2

MNUDS450 £40.00 each

MNUDS450 Nozzle
MNUDS450 Nozzle venturi T/c 6.5mm x 12

MNUHT632 £65.00 each

MNUHT632 Nozzle
MNUHT632 Nozzle T/C stick up 9.5mm x 14

MNUT5 £27.50 each

MNUT5 Nozzle
MNUT5 Nozzle T/C straight 8mm x 5

MNUX2 £37.00 each

MNUX2 Nozzle
MNUX2 Nozzle syclone straight 3.2mm x 6

MNUX2C £32.00 each

MNUX2C Nozzle
MNUX2C Nozzle syclone straight 3.2mm coarse x 4

MNUX3 £47.00 each

MNUX3 Nozzle
MNUX3 Nozzle syclone straight 4.8mm x 4

MNUX5 £37.00 each

MNUX5 Nozzle
MNUX5 Nozzle syclone straight 8mm x 9

CSD6BF £134.50 each

CSD6BF Nozzle

CB8L £54.00 each

CB8L Nozzle
CB8L Nozzle BC 1/2" L/thread x 6

MSCMVGS022607 £38.50 each

MCMVGS02607 Nozzle
MCMVGS02607 Nozzle tungsten carbide nozzle 9.5mm x 4

CB5 £54.00 each

CB5 Nozzle
CB5 Nozzle BC 5/16" F/Thread x 1

CB3 £54.00 each

CB3 Nozzle
CB3 Nozzle BC 1/2" /thread x 6

Hodge Clemco manufactures a comprehensive range of blast nozzles. These include parallel bore, venturi, double venturi, side outlet and water injection nozzles. We have a nozzle to suit every application.


Our nozzle designs come in a range of material types. As a general rule the harder the abrasive the harder the material type used in the blast nozzle.


The lowest cost boron alloy nozzles are designed with budget and performance in mind. They require the use of an LR1 nozzle retainer which clamps the nozzles in position.

Our tungsten carbide nozzles are ideally suited for chilled iron abrasive applications.

Boron carbide is offered on hard abrasive applications such as aluminium oxide. A hard material nozzle offers extended life and cost savings on most applications.

For more information on our range of products view our product catalogue.

See the full selection of our abrasive materials in our abrasives brochure.

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