Chilled Iron

Chilled Iron


Chilled Iron is a recast fused iron abrasive media in angular form. This is a tough and aggressive metal abrasive, which offers a clean cutting edge with every pass. Due to its high aggression and ferrous make up this product is specified for use on ferrous substrates or materials where ferrous cross contamination is acceptable.


Abrasive Type



7 g/cm³

Bulk Density

3.7 g/cm³


9.0 Mohs


Very Low


Very High

Dust Levels

Very Low




G07 0.18 – 0.42 mm

G12 0.30 – 0.71 mm

G17 0.42 – 0.85 mm

G24 0.60 – 1.00 mm

G34 0.85 – 1.20 mm

G47 1.20 – 1.70 mm


• Automotive
• Ballast
• Descaling
• Ferrous Substrates
• Metals: Aerospace approval
• Metals: Cleaning without dimensional change
• Metals: Flash removal
• Metals: Keying surfaces for rubber/plastic bonding
• Metals: Light deburring
• Metals: Peening
• Metals: Removal of hard deposits/investment
• Metals: Matt or textured finish
• Metals: Mould die and tool cleaning
• Metals: Preconditioning and cleaning
• Metals: Preparation for paint metal or plastic spraying
• Metals: Preparation for enamelling/electroplating/anodising
• Metals: Removal of paint/scale/rust
• Metals: Removal of solder/weld/flex
• Metals: Sheen finishing or anti-reflective treatment
• Rust Removal
• Surface Finishing
• Surface Preparation
• Vehicles


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