Peening and de-painting (PMS) are common processes. All of which require equipment capable of precise control and are used in the aerospace industry.

Aero Engines

Aero engines operate at the absolute limits of engineering and require coatings to operate at the extremes of cold and heat. Sermetal™ and Indestructible Paints™ are the industry standard coatings. These require an even key to enable the coatings to successfully bond to the substrate. Hodge Clemco has a range of cabinets offering efficient grit cleaning solutions. They ensure that the media propelled from the nozzle is of consistent size and shape. Our cabinets are heavy duty in nature. They are capable of withstanding the high wear rates associated with Aluminium Oxide grit blasting.

Hodge Clemco has a proven track record of supplying innovative and cost effective solutions to the aerospace industry.

PMS systems are extensively used by the military and commercial aviation industry. They are used to remove coatings and colour schemes from aircraft prior to repainting. The use of appropriate media to selectively remove the paint, without damage to the thin aircraft skins is the most important decision in a PMS facility. Plastic media is almost exclusively used for this application, replacing the earlier Wheat Starch media systems. Dense particle and magnetic separators are fitted in our PMS facilities in addition to vibratory media grading systems. Our PMS facilities have been extensively used by the RAF and the process is approved.

Off-shore Applications

Off-shore applications are normally carried out by a selection of approved contractors. Hodge Clemco has worked within the industry to develop safe working schemes and appropriate equipment to meet the demands of the ‘off-shore’ applicators. Our range of Slurry Blast machines, mounted in robust frames allow the units to be easily handled around a drilling platform. The water/grit mix (slurry) gives excellent cleaning results without the dust normally associated with grit blasting. Hodge Clemco has a range of ultra portable blast machines; our IBIX units are ideal for small repairs and have proven popular where access is normally carried out by abseiling teams.

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