EnviraSponge Blast Machines

EnviraSponge blast machines have been specially developed to provide a low-dust environment, with clear visibility and reducing the need for dust suppression and on-site dust extraction.

The media captures the dust at the source of generation. It is recyclable and minimises waste generated during surface cleaning. The main benefits are:

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  • A low-dust environment
  • Containment of waste at the source
  • Reduced need for dust suppression & extraction
  • Greater dwell time for measured abrasive efficiency
  • Enhanced surface cleaning and chloride removal from steel
  • Confined spaces can be cleaned without affecting sensitive equipment
EnviraSponge Blast Machines MG200



Overall Dimensions WxDxH

101 x 95 x 112 cm


100 litres


EnviraSponge Blast Machines MG200

Overall Dimensions WxDxH

105 x 112 x 140 cm


200 litres


Overall Dimensions WxDxH

92 x 150 x 185 cm


500 litres


  • Heavily pitted surfaces, and for removing elastomeric or extremely thick coatings.
  • Removal of multi-layer coatings from steel
  • Removes mill scale, rust and paint coatings
  • Removal of 1 or 2 layer coatings on steel or fibreglass or weld cleaning prior to coating
  • Delicate work on wood or stonework, concrete, masonry or on virgin steel for cleaning.
  • Remove light coatings from steel and aluminium substrates.
  • Selective coating removal on delicate substrates and turbine cleaning
  • Specialist cleaning eg. to remove mild steel contamination from stainless steel
  • Selective coating removal on delicate substrates such as fibreglass or carbon fibre.
  • Very delicate cleaning on eg. turbines where minimal surface coating removal is required
  • Cleaning or cosmetic finishing where a shiny surface is required.
  • Coating removal on delicate substrates, or where no metal removal is required or media needs to be non-sparking
  • Delicate removal of contamination, soot, smoke, liquids etc. from steel, concrete or stone surfaces