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About Us –  Since 1959, Hodge Clemco has consistently been the leader in the manufacture and supply of abrasive blasting (sandblasting) equipment and surface treatment equipment. Our product portfolio ranges from portable abrasive blast cleaning equipmenthand blast cabinetssoda blast equipment, shot blasting equipment, blast rooms, a full range of JBlast and recyclable abrasivesabrasive recovery, and dust extraction & collection. We provide blasting training, equipment servicingabrasive reprocessing & disposal, and we supply a range of blasting substrate inspection equipment.

2021 - SurfacePrep

In 2021 Hodge Clemco joined the Surface Prep group of companies. SurfacePrep have 47 facilities across the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.

2020 - Mason Morley Acquisition

On 6th July 2020 Hodge Clemco Ltd acquired the assets of Mason Morley Ltd following their company closure. As a previous customer of Mason Morley, this acquisition has added an extensive portfolio of spray and blasting equipment to our product range.

2019 - New Abrasive Facility

Hodge Clemco unveils a brand new abrasive facility in Dinnington.

2015 - MacAnts

In April 2015, our group, Samuel Hodge, acquired Mac’Ants, a supplier of abrasives and blast materials, and one of the world’s largest specialist plastic media manufacturers. We can now offer an expanded range of abrasives, from plastic medias and aluminium oxides to garnet, sponge and a new efficient & economical abrasive for use in offshore markets.


As a successful growing company, we are always looking to expand our portfolio to better meet our customers needs. Hodge Clemco has acquired Premier Equipment Services which has added the IBIX range of ultra portable blast machines and a low cost range of airless paint pumps to our product range.

Our successful expansion into this market allowed us to furnish many prestigious installations for the Ministry of Defence and Rolls Royce.

With changing markets, the popularity of site blasting techniques has reduced in favour of fixed installations which can be environmentally controlled and ultimately offer lower running costs. Our early range of Enviraclean systems were developed to cater for this growing market. Our share has grown and our industrial range of equipment is now fully integrated into the Hodge Clemco family of products. The standard range of blast roomscabinetsrecovery systems and dust extraction plant is backed up by our engineering team who can tailor solutions to our customers’ exact requirements.

2008 - Wolverhampton Abrasives

In 2008, Hodge Clemco acquired the full share stake in Wolverhampton Abrasives, fully incorporating the company in our day to day business activities.

A new company, Wolverhampton Abrasives Limited was formed between Hodge Clemco and James Bridge Copper Works (later to become I.M.I. Refiners).

With its efficient design and innovative range of additions, the Clemco range of equipment quickly became market leader. To enhance market opportunities, a source of expendable blasting abrasives was required as a sand substitute since the use of sand in “sand-blasting” had been prohibited by law.

Continuing with our commitment for quality, we were one of the first companies in our industry to gain ISO9001.

Incorporated in 1959

Hodge Clemco, incorporated in 1959, has developed into the leading company in the surface finishing industry. Part of the 100 year old Samuel Hodge Group, Hodge Clemco is part of a diverse engineering group, founded around the marine industry.

Initially, focused on our portable range of equipment and as sales agents for Wolverhampton Abrasives, the company rapidly grew from our humble beginnings. Over the years our products such as “Contractor“, “Craftsman”, “JBlast” and “Clemco” have become the trade names for quality and reliability.

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