Blast Hose

Blast hose that is continuously carrying a fierce blast stream has to be durable and safe.

Available in 12 bar safe working pressure and utilising static-dissipating materials.

Hodge Clemco blast hose (including the industry standard ‘Supa’ hose) provides both durability and safety with confidence.

Available in the following sizes:

Abrasive Blast Hoses – 12bar
XXHOSE4 1 1/4″ i.d (32mm) x 1 7/8″(48mm)
XXHOSE3 1 1/4″ i.d (32mm) x 2 1/8″(54mm)
XXHOSE15 1″ i.d (25mm) x 1 1/2″(39mm)
XXHOSE2 3/4″ i.d (19mm) x 1 3/8″(34mm)
XXHOSE1 1/2″ i.d (13mm) x 1 1/8″(28mm)


Grit Vacuum Hose

Vacuum Recovery Hoses i.d selection
EDB21 2.0″ (50mm) Suction/recovery (rubber)
EDB21A 2.0″ (50mm) Suction/recovery (polyurethane)
EDB22 2.5″ (64mm) Suction & Recovery
HOSE12 4.0″ (100mm) Suction/Discharge
HOSE13 3.0″ (76mm) Heavy Duty Suction
HOSE14 2.0″ (50mm) Heavy Duty Suction
HOSE17 2.5″ (64mm) Suction/Discharge


Dust Vacuum Hose

Vacuum Recovery Hoses i.d selection
HOSE20 Standard 3.0″ (76mm) Flexible Rubber
HOSE21 Standard 4.0″ (100mm) Flexible Rubber
HOSE22A 5.0″ (127mm) Flex Rubber – Light
HOSE23 Standard 6.0″ (152mm) Flexible Rubber
HOSE23A 6.0″ (152mm) Flex Rubber – Light
HOSE24 7.0″ (178mm) Flex Rubber – Light
HOSE25 2.0″ (50mm) Flex Rubber – Light

Machine Integrated Hose

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