EnviraSponge – Technical Information


Envirasponge macro photoAbrasive media encapsulated within Sponge. EnviraSponge technical information, the media is  designed to capture dust on impact and achieve safe, sustainable surface preparation whilst also being environmentally responsible. EnviraSponge is recyclable and minimises waste generated during surface cleaning, reduces downtime on site and the need for on-site dust extraction. Sponge can be used to encapsulate most media, with the most popular being aluminium oxide.


  • Offshore
  • Surface finishing and preparation
  • Metals
  • Bridges and station cleaning
  • Nuclear and power generation
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Rail industry
  • Marine
  • Storage tanks



Density – variable on media type

Bulk Density – variable on media type

Hardness – variable on media type

Friability – low/medium

Recyclability – medium

Dust levels – low

Colour – variable on media type

Media Shape – angular/irregular



ESG17 – Chilled Iron 17

ESA16 – Aluminium Oxide 14/24

ESA30 – Aluminium Oxide 30/40

ESA60 – Aluminium Oxide 60/80

ESA80 – Aluminium Oxide 80/100

ESA120 – Aluminium Oxide 120

ESA 220 –  Aluminium Oxide 220

ESA500 – Aluminium Oxide 500

ESGT30 – Garnet 30/60

ESGB60 – Glass Bead 60/100


Additional grades and blended medias are also available.


Technical Data Sheet


Material Data Safety Sheet


Technical Data Sheet Premium


Quality And Research

We have a state of the art abrasive manufacturing facility in Sheffield. This ensures production continuity and the ability to produce the finest quality product. With a UK based warehouse we can stock a huge range of abrasives. This allows us  to meet our customer requirements and deadlines.

Within our facility we have dedicated abrasive laboratory. Stringent testing is completed on all batches. This guarantees quality every time. All premium products are fully certified to the required standard.

Our technical scales force are experts in their field, helping our customers to choose not only the correct equipment, but the most appropriate. They can also guide you on the most cost effective abrasive for your application. this assures we provide the best level of knowledge and customer care to every job.


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