Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is very important when abrasive blasting. At Hodge Clemco we have all the safety equipment you need to keep yourself and colleagues safe in a blasting environment.


Communication Systems


Safety Equipment - Communication Set


Helmet communication systems can offer an essential link between a lone operator and a supervisor.

Our low profile ear defenders are custom designed to fit below our Apollo range of helmets.

The microphone is easily adjusted for comfort and clarity.  Activation of the microphone can be by PTT (push to talk) or VOX (voice activation).

The most common communication system is a wired unit. this comes with the cables clipped to the helmet line and then connected to a powered receiver on the operator’s belt.

Our wired systems offer minimum signal degradation. They can serve multiple operators to a single supervisor station.

Wireless communication systems are also available using high specification radios linked to the same headset.

Our radio systems are offered in both standard format and intrinsically safe versions for use in hazardous environments.





Tripod Emergency Stop

Tripod Emergency Stop



Our emergency stop device consists of a pneumatic EM button. This is tripod mounted and fitted at any location along the deadman handle line.

This unit is supplied with all the fittings to allow the unit to be retrofitted. It can be fitted  to any dead man enabled handle system.

Our unit allows for the intervention of other users to switch off the blast machine in the event of an accident.

Wolf M-85 Light

Wolf M85 Light
The tightly focussed white beam of the Wolf M-85 cuts through dust and spray.

It improves visibility and results in more precise blasting and a higher quality surface finish.

Securely attach it to the nozzle or hose and protected against accidental bounce-back.

It has a robust, recyclable and replaceable  lass lens.

The powerful beam is targeted directly on to the surface being worked upon.




Ear Defenders


Ear Defenders



Our low profile defenders can fit below the Apollo range of blast helmets.

Should additional protection be required they can be worn in conjunction with bud type ear protection inserts.







GLC2 Leather and Cotton Gloves

GLC2 Leather and Cotton Gloves



Heavy duty leather  gauntlets with cotton lining.

Give maximum protection from abrasive ricochet.







Cool Vest

Cool Vest




The Cool Vest is a lightweight, one-size-fits-most personal protective garment.

It can be used for warming or cooling workers, exposed to stressful hot and cold environments, indoors or out.








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