The food and agricultural industry is not one you would immediately associate with surface preparation equipment. Hodge Clemco equipment has been extensively used in the industry for cleaning food handling equipment, ensuring the surfaces in contact with our food are clean, defect-free and hygienic.
Stainless steel food conveyor systems are designed to be cleaned easily. New build conveyors are usually Glass Bead blasted to provide a blemish free surface and for an easy-clean finish.
Conveyor refurbishment may be carried out in-situ using an organic vegetable abrasive, for example, corn cob, egg shells, walnut shells, and crushed olive stones.
The heavier side of the Agricultural industry involves the refurbishment of farm machinery. It is common place to see many farmers refurbishing their own equipment and we have supported this industry over many years with competitively priced equipment and environmentally compliant abrasives. Our range of portable blast machines are excellent units for this industry as they can be used with our range of small nozzles, reducing the air demand.
Our JBlast range of expendable abrasives can be used outdoors, making them ideal for refurbishing farm equipment. JBlast is available in a range of sizes to suit the level of contamination and the finish required.