Defence & Military

Hodge Clemco we have worked closely with the defence and military. We have provided many installations into UK based Military Establishments.

Our experience with the Army, Navy, RAF, USAF and civilian contractors  has allowed us to establish a close working relationship. We have developed many specialised machines, specific for this particular industry.


Some applications include;

  • Internal grit blasting of rocket motor bodies.
  • Surface preparation of ground based vehicles.
  • Paint stripping Tornado GR-4.
  • Refurbishment of Chinook drive shaft parts and aircraft landing gear repairs.
  • Surface preparing the steel on a variety of frigates and numerous projects on munitions.



Hodge Clemco has developed a reputation for providing equipment on specification, on time and on budget, all of which are important on military contracts funded by the UK Government.

Our range of plastic media has been extensively used in our PMS facilities to provide MIL-SPEC compliant standards.

Hodge Clemco also provides Chilled Iron, Aluminium Oxide, Glass Beads and JBlast on a variety of military based projects.




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