Pink Aluminium Oxide

Pink Aluminium Oxide

Our pink aluminium oxide is manufactured from calcined alumina with a small addition of chrome. One of the toughest fused aluminas available, the addition of typically 0.2% chrome within the melt of the fusion process renders a tougher grain than that of white fused alumina.

This is also referred to as Alumac.

In addition to the grades below, micro grades and specialist blends are available.


Abrasive Type



3.89 g/cm³

Bulk Density

1.7 g/cm³


9.5 Mohs





Dust Levels





PPIMK36 ~0.525 mm

PINK60 ~0.260 mm

PINK80 ~0.185 mm

PINK120 ~0.109 mm

PINK150 ~0.082 mm

PINK180 ~0.069 mm



• Automotive
• Bonded and Coated Abrasives
• Castings and Forgings
• Glass & Ceramics: Decorative marking
• Glass & Ceramics: Frosting & line marking
• Glass & Ceramics: Paint & print removal without damage
• Glass & Ceramics: Satin finish
• Lapping and Polishing/Lapidary/Optical
• Metals: Aerospace approval
• Metals: Cleaning without dimensional change
• Metals: Flash removal
• Metals: Keying surfaces for rubber/plastic bonding
• Metals: Light deburring
• Metals: Peening
• Metals: Removal of hard deposits/investment
• Metals: Matt or textured finish
• Metals: Mould die and tool cleaning
• Metals: Preconditioning and cleaning
• Metals: Preparation for paint metal or plastic spraying
• Metals: Preparation for enamelling/electroplating/anodising
• Metals: Removal of paint/scale/rust
• Metals: Removal of solder/weld/flex
• Metals: Sheen finishing or anti-reflective treatment
• Nuclear and Power Generation
• Oil and Gas Industries
• Plastics & Composites: Cosmetic matt or texture finish
• Plastics & Composites: Deflashing & preparation of electronic components
• Plastics & Composites: Deflashing thermoset mouldings
• Plastics & Composites: Deflashing rubber components and die casting
• Plastics & Composites: Preparation for paint or metal sprayings
• Plastics & Composites: Removal of paint and coating
• Refractories and Furnace Linings
• Vapour blasting / Wet blasting
• Vehicles
• Wet/Slurry Blasting

Hodge Clemco also offer an abrasive recycling and disposal service

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